TriboPack technology

A package of design measures giving improved piston-running behaviour, lower wear rates, longer time between overhauls, and lower cylinder lubricant feed rates. TriboPack incorporated in Wärtsilä Sulzer RTA-series engines comprises: 

Multi-level cylinder lubrication, 

Liner with the appropriate material, with sufficient hard phase,

Careful machining and deep-honing of the liner over the full length of the running surface,

Insulating tubes in the cooling bores in the upper part of the liner,

Mid-stroke liner insulation,

Pre-profiled piston rings in all piston grooves,

Chromium-ceramic coating on top piston ring,

Running-in Coating piston rings in all lower piston grooves,

Anti-Pilishing Ring at the top of the cylinder liner,

Increased thickness of chromium layer in the piston ring grooves.

For more information read SULZER RT-flex60C Technology Review.

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