Train lift

A large installation used on board train ferries to enable train transport on two decks.

The ferry SKANE is equipped with a huge two-tier train lift. It has an overall platform length of 104m, 2x102m track length, a clear width of 7.2m, a clear height of 4.65m and a lifting height of 5.35m. This can accommodate two complete trains with a total weight of 816 tonnes. The lift platform is a partly open box construction, with two track levels connected by truss members carrying the overall load in the longitudinal direction.

Hoisting through a height of 5.35m is effected by eight hydraulic cylinders connected between the tanktop and the platform. The cylinders, located in recess in the longitudinal bulkheads and in the tanktop, are in pairs arranged to raise the lift at four points. Lift movements are controlled by level indicators at each point, signaling the hydraulic flow control system to ensure that the lift is operated equally at each corner.

The operating takes only three minutes from the start to finish and has been designed to help drastically limit turnaround time to 1h15. According to MER February 1999.

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