- Air shuttle trailer – A trailer designed by Wallenius Wilhelmsen for transport of fully assembled railcars. Fitted with rails on top, the air shuttle has a pneumatic system that can lower the trailer bed to the ground. This enables direct transfer of railcars from rail tracks to the air shuttle trailer via a ramp.

- Jack-up trailer, also cometto trailer – A trailer built to carry execptionally heavy cargo weighing several hundered tons. A jack-up trailer consists of four-axle sections that can be configured to carry cargo of almost any size and weight.

- Roll trailer, also mafi trailer – A low platform for the carriage of cargo with one or more wheel axles at the rear and a support at the front end which is towed or pushed in the port to and from its stowage on board the ship by a special tow-vehicle. The terminal tractor uses a detachable gooseneck to lift the forward end and transfer the roll trailer onboard.

- Samson heavy-lift trailer – A trailer designed by Wallenius Wilhelmsen for small and medium-sized lifts, such as transformers, generators and turbines.

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