Towing gear of the Rotor tug RT INNOVATION

The towing gear includes a “waterfall”-type hydraulic main towing winch with three declutchable drums. The full width upper drum accommodates 650m of 56mm diameter steel wire rope, with a 20m Nylon (spring) of 100mm diameter. Each lower drum, used for ship-handling, carries 200m of 56mm steel wire rope, with a 10m Nylon spring and 48mm diameter steel wire pennant. On the foredeck, there is a combined towing winch and an anchor windlass. The winch has a single drum, for a 200m towline with the necessary spring and pennant, two declutchable chain lifters, and two fixed warping heads. Both the towing winches have pneumatic controls and can be operated remotely from the wheelhouse or from small control consoles on deck. A quick release towing hook is fitted for the secondary use.

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