Towing and anchor handling equipment of TOR VIKING

According to The Motor Ship September 2000

The icebreaking/offshore support vessel TOR VIKING is fitted with a Rauma Brattvaag waterfall winch of 400t pull and 550t brake holding load ratings. A single declutchable towing and anchor handling drum with a dividing flange has a wire capacity of either two 1900m lengths of 77mm diameter wire or two 1650m long 83mm diameter wires. 

Another drum for anchor handling has the capacity for 4100m of 83mm diameter wire. Two cable lifters can be adjusted to suit a range of chain diameters, and the rig chain lockers can accommodate two 1832m lengths of 3-inch chain.

The operation of the winch is via Rauma Brattvaag,s Towcon 2000 control system which features a facility for printing out statistical towing data. A continuous forward bollard pull of 202t, with around 120t pull astern, is available. Two rope reels, a stern roller (3.5m diameter x 6m long) with a working load rating of 500t vertically, and two sets of Karm Fork shark jaws and towing pins, supplement the main winch.

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