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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Stop valves


Valves to isolate machinery, equipment, and piping components for system operation, maintenance and overhaul, and damage control. There are four basic types of stop valves: gate, globe, ball, and butterfly.

Ball valve – Ball valves have a relatively short actuating mechanism and the body length, and provide a more compact installation than globe or gate valves.

Butterfly valve – Butterfly valves are the most compact of the stop valves; they have relatively low pressure loss.

Gate valve – The gate valve is closed by interposing a flat or tapered element (gate or wedge) transversally across the axis of the opening.

Globe valve – The globe valve is closed by pressing a disc axially against the opening. When the disc is not attached to the spindle, the globe valve is considered to be screwdown non-return valve (SDNR).