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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Specifications, Contract Specifications, Newbuilding Specifications, Technical Specification


Technical Specification is, beside the Contract, the most important contractual document that shall describe exactly characteristics of the new vessel, define Rules to be complied with and procedures to be followed during all stages of designing and construction.

As any important document, the Specification shall be easy to understand and is to have logical construction. It is not easy to build new vessels smoothly, without mistakes, misunderstandings and costly delays. With good Specification it is possible. The Specification in wrong English, with lack of order, mistakes and false statements, frequent repetitions or general statements without practical value will be the nightmare for all involved in design, building and surveying subject vessels.

1. Specification shall be one document with one common and active Index and continuous page numbering.

2. Specification shall describe the subject of the contract as exactly as possible.

3. As far as reasonable, the equipment, machinery or system shall be described in one place only.

4. Specification shall define all the procedures such as the approval of drawings by Owners, testing of the vessel, etc.

5. To avoid misunderstandings, simple English shall be used. As far as possible terms from International Conventions shall be used.

6. For easy reference separate statements, remarks or requirements shall be properly numbered.

7. Specification shall be corrected in order to insert all modifications agreed during the approval of technical documentation. For this purpose, any agreement on changes related to the Specification should end with an agreement on a new wording. This altered document should be prepared after approval of the technical documentation. Signed by both Parties, it will be the base for the acceptance of the ship.