Side-rolling covers of the ore carrier PEENE ORE

The ore carrier PEENE ORE can transport 322,000 tonnes of ore with stowage factor of 19.7 ft3 /long ton. The ship has seven cargo holds with a total capacity of 175,000m3, surrounded by large port and starboard wing ballast tanks and a deep, void double bottom. The longitudinal bulkheads separating the holds from the side tanks are sloped inwards from deck to tank top.

The ship is provided with MacGREGOR rack-and-pinion and Roll-up-Roll side-rolling covers. The single-panel covers provide nominal openings 26m long x 12.32m wide (Hold N°1) and 26m x 17.60m (Holds N°s  2-7). In the open position the panels stow to the starboard side on transverse ramps. When closed, the cover gets wedge-cleated and weathertight automatically.

A hydraulically-operated roll-up mechanism raises the cover into the rolling position. The rolling is eff ected by a rack-and-pinion system. Each panel is served by a dedicated hydraulic motor which is mounted on the coaming and engaged, via a pinion, with a rack fitted to the underside of the panel. Guidance of the panels is performed by doubleflanged wheels fitted at one end. Special plain wheels at the other end allow for coaming movement.

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