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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Seiner/trawler TUNIS VAN LUUT UK-224


According to HSB International September 1998

Built by Maaskant Shipyards, The Netherlands, TUNIS VAN LUUT UK-224 is the first Dutch fishing vessel equipped for multi-fishing methods and fitted with a unique fish processing plant featuring flo-ice as the precooling system. The double-deck seiner/trawler is fitted out for seining, pair trawling and pelagic fishing methods. Seining is an adapted method of the Snurrevaad fishing method. In pair trawling, two trawl nets are towed along each other by three fishing winches mounted to two trawl boards and a contracentre weight. The closed forecastle accommodates a very special rinsing drum for efficient processing of round fish. After the rinsing, the fish is discharged to a chute filled up with flo-ice. Two seining winches are situated below deck. Each winch carries 4000m of 44 mm diameter steel cable. The three trawling winches are situated on the working deck aft next to the wheelhouse. The trawl winches can each carry 1000m of 22 mm diameter steel cable.

Length, oa: 33.55m, Length, bp: 28.88m, Beam: 7.50m, Draught: 4.20m, Gross tonnage: 331t.

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