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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Sea Axe


The Sea Axe, also referred to as axe bow, is a new ship type developed by professor Keunig from the University of Delft in collaboration with the High Spees & Naval Craft Department of Damen shipyards Gorichem. The initial goal of the design exercise was to achieve a high service speed in rough seas by reducing the vertical acceleration onboard. These accelerations are the prime cause of sea-sickness and also the reason for voluntary speed reduction onboard fast vessels in rough sea. The pitching movement was reduced by creating a nearly wedge-shaped bow, with minimal flare above waterline, a very fine entry angle and deep bow sections. Oncoming waves therefore generate less lift in the bow sections, significantly reducing accelerations due to pitching. The freeboard in the bow has been increased to avoid shipping “green water”. As this vessel sails more through the waves than over them.

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