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Ro-ro freighter TOR MAGNOLIA


TOR MAGNOLIA and its sisters were built by the German shipyard Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft for the Danish owner DFDS Tor Line.

256 x 14m-long trailers can be stowed on the four fixed decks with a total capacity of 3831 lane-metres. In addition, two hoistable decks are fitted forward the engine casing providing 2660 lane-metres for 300 cars. All the vehicle decks are fitted with SAT lashing pots that secure trailer trestles.

The vehicle access is over the stern at main deck level by means of a single 18.10m wide x 14m long ramp supplemented by two 4.3m wide x 4m hinged side doors forward. A clear height above the main deck allows double-stack MAFI trailers to be loaded. The tanktop is reached from the main deck by a fixed ramp. Links with the upper deck are provided by a fixed 4m wide internal ramp and a 4m wide x 61.5m long hoistable ramp, which is in direct line with another fixed ramp taking vehicles to the weather deck. The direct access to the upper deck is also possible using an 8m wide shore linkspan over the stern.

A hull form and propulsion system has been developed by the shipyard in conjunction with research facilities at local universities and the ship model basin HSVA in Hamburg. The aftbody incorporates a single-skeg and a soft tunnel beneath the transom. The main features of this arrangement include reduced wave patterns, an even wake-field and excellent water flow to the propeller.

The fitting of a new asymmetric section rudder is also interesting. The leading edge is twisted to gain maximum advantage from the rotational energy of the water behind the propeller. Two 1500kW bow thrusters and two 900kW stern thrusters, all fitted with CP propellers, assist the manoeuvring qualities. Seakeeping qualities are claimed to be excellent thanks to the fine hull shape and the Intering™ anti-heeling systems and roll stabilisation systems.

The unusual power plant for this class of vessel consists of a single two-stroke 9L60MC-C engine producing an output of 20,070kW at 123 rpm and driving 6.1-metre diameter CP propeller. Auxiliary machinery consists of four 1520kW 7L21/31 diesel-alternator sets, fitted with catalytic converters.

Fully equipped superstructure forming a bridge over the otherwise open weather deck was built by Holm Construction in Gdańsk, Poland. It provides accommodation for 17 officers and crew, and for 18 passengers in 12 cabins.

Length, oa: 199.80m, Length, bp: 190.29m, Breadth, mld: 26.50m, Depth to main deck: 9.40m, Depth to upper deck: 16.95m Draught design/scantling: 6.95/16.95m, Deadweight design/ scantling: 8780/10407dwt, Service speed (90%MCR, 15% sea margin): 22.80 knots.

Ro-ro freighter TOR MAGNOLIA Ro-ro freighter TOR MAGNOLIA Ro-ro freighter TOR MAGNOLIA Ro-ro freighter TOR MAGNOLIA