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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Ro-ro cargo handling gear, ro-ro equipment, cargo access/transfer equipment


An equipment fitted on ro-ro vessels to ensure access and movement of vehicles on board. A typical cargo system consists of a stern ramp/door, internal ramps or elevators and flood control doors. Bow door and bow ramp can be fitted, allowing for drive-through loading/unloading operation.

The ro-ro freight ferry NORSKY has a capacity of 2630 lane metres, representing 210 trailers, arranged over three freight decks, connected by fixed internal ramps. The cargo access equipment comprises a pair of hydraulically-operated stern ramps which are 16m long (including 3m flaps). The wider starboard ramp serves the main deck, providing a driveway which is 11.51m wide at the shore end, widening to just under 13.5m at the ship threshold. The narrower port side ramp has a shore end driveway width of 4.32m, widening to 6.17m. This ramp leads directly to the fixed ramp accessing the upper deck. The access from the main deck to the lower hold is provided by a fixed ramp starting aft on the starboard side. This ramp has a watertight two-panel side-hinged cover, 48m long and 5.8m wide, operated by hydraulic cylinders, which closes over the opening.

 According to the Motor Ship October 1999.