Ro-lo forest product carriers from Gdynia Shipyard

The main feature of the three ro-lo vessels delivered by Gdynia Shipyard is multi-access system designed by MacGREGOR. The system includes stern ramp/door, side loading outfit and folding hatch covers. Although purpose-built for forest products, the vessels are also configured to carry containers, rolling and bulk cargoes.

- Rolling freight -Stern access for rolling freight to the tweendeck level is arranged over an 18m long ramp/door with a driveway of 12m into a 6.4m high opening. Access into the aft part of the tweendeck is via a top-hinged bulkhead door which is hydraulically raised to offer a clear opening 21m wide and 6.4m high. The forward end of the tweendeck is served by side-hinged bulkhead door comprising two sections, which are hydraulically actuated to yield a clear opening 16.4m wide and 6.2m high.

- Side-loading system -The side-loading system installed on the starboard side serves tanktop and tweendeck levels. Its watertight door (15.2m wide x 16.0m high) encloses three loading platforms arranged with three 16-tonne capacity conveyors. In the deployed mode, the platforms are pivoted outboard over the quay. Guiding rails on the hull allow their position to be adjusted to the quay height.

The cargo elevators connected to the loading platforms are designed to handle a paper reel load up to 16 tonnes with a maximum lifting speed of around 27m/min.

- Folding hatch covers -High-stowing folding hatch covers are specified for the weatherdeck. Nos 1 and 2 holds are each served by four-panel end stowing Foldtite sets. No 4 hold is equipped with a single panel-pair folding set. High-stowing folding covers are also installed in No 2 tweendeck. The set is designed to accept a uniformly distributed load of 8 tonnes/m2 and diverse vehicle loads from Mafi wagons, forklift trucks and Rolux cassettes.

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