River/sea vessel, river/sea trader

A low-profile vessel designed for navigation in coastal waters and river/sea trading. As a consequence, a river/sea vessel features a shallow draught in loaded condition as well as low overhead clearance in ballast condition. This type of vessel is often provided with a wheelhouse adjustable in height, which can be fixed in two positions. A typical river/sea vessel, suitable for West European inland waterways, has a length limited to 85.00m and a maximum beam of 11.40m.

The THARSIS is a typical low-profile coaster of 2000 tonnes of cargo carrying capacity with a box-shaped hold. The river/sea vessel features a shallow load draught of about 3.40m, and a ballast draught of 2.80m in combination with an air draught (overhead clearance) of not more than 4.50m. The wheelhouse is adjustable in height with a maximum height of 4m from the lowest position.

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