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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Rescue boat davits


Usually hydraulic operated slewing or pivoting davits designed for launching and recovery of a fully-manned rescue boat against unfavourable conditions of trim of up to 10 degrees and a list of up to 20 degrees either way.

Slewing out of the rescue boat from its stowed position into launch position is performed by means of accumulated power obtained from a hydraulic power pack. The slewing motion is actuated within the rescue boat by means of a remote control pull wire.

Lowering is done by means of gravity. The lowering motion can be controlled in two ways: either by a remote control pull wire within the rescue boat or by lifting the brake handle of the winch directly. The recovery of the fully-manned rescue boat is accomplished by the electric winch. In case of a power failure or malfunction of the electric system, hoisting can also be done manually by the crank handle of the winch.