Remotely-operated vehicle Sealion 3000

The Sealion 3000 is a deepwater work class, 100hp ROV capable of operating in depths to 3000 metres. Features include two, seven-function manipulators and vectored thrusters which use a four-bladed propeller to give greater power. A fibre optic telemetry link provides high reliability communications between the Sealion and its surface control and a super VHS video facility when working at extreme depths. The Sealion has a through frame lift of 5t and can be fitted with an optional top hat or cage-deployed tether management system.

Vehicles are capable of a wide range of work tasks and are particularly suited for valve operation, well head cuttings removal, operation of disc grinders, bathymetric surveys, sub bottom pipe tracking and video observation as well as a wide variety of other subsea construction and survey tasks which take advantage of the Sealion’s power and adaptability.

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