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Reefer vessel LOMBOK STRAIT


According to Significant Ships of 2002

In August 2002, Seatrade Groningen took delivery of the innovative reefer vessel LOMBOK STRAIT built by CSBC Taiwan. The ship principal feature is the new pallet-handling system supplied by TTS in order to improve the efficiency of refrigerated cargo handling under all weather conditions.

The system operates through two large deckhouses positioned on the upper deck. Each is fitted with a pair of topside hatches which can be worked by one of the two TTS-Norlift 45t SWL deck cranes. Side doors in the houses hinge outward and upward to provide cargo access and at the same time give weather protection to the handling operation, with assistance from side curtains. They also support the extending rail and trolley which form the basis of the system.

Cargo is loaded into the ship using pallet-cages containing cartoons which are hoisted by automated trolleys radio-controlled by one man. Within the vessel, the distribution is by forklift truck. A feature of the system is the ability to programme starting/stopping points for loading and discharging.

The vessel has four cargo holds arranged in eight independently insulated, gastight temperature zones. Cargo capacity of 17,727m3  is equivalent to 5600 standard fruit pallets. The ship also has 440TEU container slots and 200 reefer plugs on deck.

The LOMBOK STRAIT has a brine reefer plant which controls the hold temperature in a range from –25°C to +15°C. The atmosphere in the holds is controlled by a nitrogen gas plant which can generate about 1000 Nm3/h/95%N2. A similar plant for modifying the atmosphere in the containers generates about 190 Nm3/h/95%N2.

Length, oa: 167.00m, Length, bp: 157.00m, Breadth, mld: 25.00m, Depth to main deck: 13.40m, Draught design/scantling: 8.70/9.30m, Deadweight: 13,600dwt, Lightweight; 8300t, Trial speed: 23 knots, Refrigerated cargo capacity (bale): 17,730m3, Main engine output: 15,801kW at 105 rev/min.