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Reefer/container vessel CARMEL ECOFRESH


According to Significant Ships of 2003

The hybrid reefer/container vessel CARMEL ECOFRESH, built by the Portuguese shipyard Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo, is fitted with the first Wärtsilä Sulzer RT-flex60C main engine. The seven-cylinder model has an output of 16,520kw at 114rev/min. The steady running of this engine can be achieved at exceptionally low speeds; 10%-12% of nominal rotational speed, and smoke-free operation is another important feature.

The vessel is intended for operation between Haifa, Marseilles and Barcelona offering some 460,000ft3 of refrigerated space on the westbound voyage, and capacity for nearly 700 cars and 900TEU on the backhaul run.

An interesting feature is the adoption of an innovative arrangement with the superstructure located amdiships above the large, fully-insulated refrigerated hold. Three conventional cellular holds are placed forward of this hold and two aft, offering places for 266TEU. Additional 630TEU can be carried on hatch covers and open deck provided with lashing bridges.

The refrigerated hold is divided by six cargo decks, constructed of lightweight sandwich panels, into 18 compartments. No vertical access is provided to these spaces. Loading of palletised cargo and vehicles is accomplished by means of a Macor Neptun side-loader with a vertically sliding door giving access to deck N°3 starboard side. Internal distribution is carried out by a twin Hortal conveyor-lift system. Cargo can be handled at a rate of roughly 275 pallets/h or 500 cars in 8h.

Hold temperatures can be maintained between –30°C and +13°C, using a GEA-Grenco plant with three chiller units working on the indirect system. R407C is the primary refrigerant, and calcium chloride brine serves as the secondary heat transfer fluid. Cooling of cargo spaces is effected by a transverse flow, grating-less, recirculating air system. A mechanical ventilation system provides the refrigerated hold with 4 air changes/hour when carrying reefer cargo, and 10 air changes/hour when loaded with cars.

Length, oa: 185.50m, Length, bp: 174.53m, Breadth, mld: 24.14m, Depth to main deck: 16.40m, Design draught: 9.30m, Deadweight: 16,494dwt, Lightweight: 10,077 tonnes, Service speed: 21.00 knots, Refrigerated cargo capacity: 465,000ft3  (4221 pallets), Main engine: 1x Wärtsilä 7RT-flex-C, MCR: 16,520kW.

Reefer/container vessel CARMEL ECOFRESH