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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Radiographic inspection of hull welds, radiography


A nondestructive testing method which reveals internal defects in metal by exposing a film to X-rays or gamma rays passed through the metal. Radiographic inspection of hull welds is to be carried out mainly in location such as intersections of butts and seems in the sheer strakes, bilge strakes, deck stringer plates and keel plates.

The minimum number of checkpoints within the midship 0.6LBP  of surface vessel is to be governed by the following formula: N = LBP  (B + D)/46.5 (SI units). The quality of welds is to be in accordance with Class A for vessels 150 m and over, or in accordance with Class B for vessels less than 150 m.

Outside the midship 0.6LBP radiographic inspection is to be carried out at random in important locations. Quality of welds is to be in accordance with Class B.

Further reading: ABS Guide for “Nondestructive Inspection of Hull Welds” (2002), can be downloaded from