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Product tanker STENA PARIS


According to Significant Ships of 2005

Claimed to be the safest and most efficient medium-range tanker, STENA PARIS is the first unit of a new series of P-MAX product tankers built by Brodosplit Shipyard. The principal aim of the design is to minimise the risk of incidents by including a double hull throughout, an integrated bridge system, twin engin rooms with full fire and water integrity, and separate systems for propulsion, steering, and automation.

STENA PARIS is a shallow-drafted and extremely wide vessel. At the design draught of 11.3m, the vessel can carry about 30% more cargo than a conventional tanker. The double hull surrounds a cargo space divided by corrugated bulkheads into five pairs of tanks arranged for clean and dirty oil products and crude oil. An Effective Tank Cleaning notation from DNV signifies the inclusion of equipment allowing a rapid turnround. The cargo tanks are equipped with new Svanehoj CKL 300 electrically-driven deepwell cargo pumps (10x 800m3/h). The slop tanks are equipped with 300m3/h pumps.

The vessel has two engine rooms. Each of them contains engine producing 7860kW at 129 rev/min directly coupled with FP propeller and two 1081kVA diesel generators. Each main engine is served by separate fuel supply and auxiliary systems. Steam requirements are derived from two oil-fired and two exhaust-gas boilers.

The 360-degree free view bridge features five multi-functional workstations from where two navigators have access to all the information needed. The display on workstations can be used for navigational purposes – such as radar displays and ECDIS with radar overlay and conning information – or to monitor and control cargo and ballast operations, and to monitor all engine systems.

Another important issue for safety is hull strength: the vessel is designed for a 40 year life span and built to Swedish/Finnish ice class 1B for trading in the icy waters.

Length, oa: 182.90m, Length, bp: 175.50m, Breadth, mld: 40.00m, Depth, mld to main deck: 17.90m, Draught, design/scantling: 11.30/13.00m, Deadweight, design/scantling: 54,0001/65,200dwt, Cargo capacity: 70,200m3, Main engine output: 2x7860kW at 129rev/min, Service speed: 14.50knots, Complement: 26.

Product tanker STENA PARIS
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