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According to Significant Ships of 2004

ANGELINA AMORETTI was built by Chinese shipyard Jiangsu Yangzijiang according to design from Kiel-based consultancy INEC GmbH. The vessel complies with ExxonMobil requirements, such as the fitting of suitable mooring arrangements and an ability to put 12 mooring lines ashore. Emergency towage facilities are provided forward and aft, and a 2000kN strong point is fitted forward.

Cargo is handled by a Hamworthy deepwell pump in each tank. Like the piping installation, they are made of stainless steel. A new system of super stripping, which leaves virtually no residuals, has been included, and particular attention paid to tank cleaning, with permanent tank-washing machines fitted.

Remote level, temperature, and pressure monitoring and control of each tank is carried out by Saab equipment which is linked to a Konsberg/Norcontrol integrated automation system, and operated from workstation on the bridge, and in the cargo and engine control rooms. Highquality monitoring equipment serves the double-hull space and oil tanks. Fresh and dry-air ventilation lines are installed on deck, fitted with valves and connections for portable hoses.

The Wärtsilä 12V38B main engine has been selected developing 8700kW at 600 rev/min and driving a CP propeller by means of a vertically offset reduction gearbox that also joins with a 1200kW shaft-driven alternator. With the main engine de-clutched, this unit can serve as an auxiliary motor for emergency propulsion in accordance with RINA notation AVM-APS, and produce a speed of 7 knots. Three 1000kW diesel-driven alternator sets are fitted and two 600kW bow thrusters and a semi-balanced rudder benefit manoeuvrability. Provision has been made for the future fitting of an SCR emission converter with urea plant in the funnel.

Length, oa: 162.00m, Length, bp: 154.37m, Breadth, mld: 26.00m, Depth, mld to main deck: 13.09m, Deadweight, design/scantling: 18,850/23,740dwt. Draught, design/scantling: 8.20/9.50m, Main engine output: 8700kW at 600rev/min, Service speed: 15.80knots.

VEDREY TORA has the main engine Wärtsilä 6L26 running on gas oil, MCR = 2025kW, service speed 12.5 knots.

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