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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Pollution and accident control ship NEUWERK


According to Marine Engineers Review November 1998

The highly-sophisticated 3830t displacement multi-purpose ship built in 1998 by Stralsund shipyard, Volkswerft GmbH. She is able to meet all eventualities – marine pollution control, fire-fighting and emergency towing operations, buoy tender work, icebreaking and shipping police support tasks.

Pollutant recovery

NEUVERK has two independent systems for the recovery of floating pollutants, their filtration and separation from the seawater, as well as the storage of the pollutants for discharge ashore. Contaminated surface water is collected by a 15m skimmer, port and starboard, and directed to an integrated suction pipe on each skimmer arm and thence to the associated gravity separation units. After separation the water is returned to the sea and the recovered spill is stored in five stainless tanks. One of these tanks of 80 m3 is heatable.

Underwater search

For the location of drifting or sunken objects, such as containers or drums, the vessel is fitted with a retractable STN Atlas OSS 11Z sonar. Under normal sailing conditions, the 2m linear sonar is turned from the operational position and retracted into a trunk and aperture closed by a sliding ice door.

Firefighting off- and onboard

For off-board fire-fighting, the vessel is provided with two remotely-controlled 120m-range monitors. Two foam monitors with a 70m throw, switchable to water, are fitted.

Buoy tender operations

The ship is equipped with a working  crane designed for handling buoys and salvaging containers. It has two lifting devices, each with a heave compensator, with a capacity for buoy lifting of 125kN at a radius of 15m. The crane pillar and cab are within the gas protection system. However, in hazardous atmosphere, it can be bridge-controlled.

Emergency towing

A Hatlapa towing winch comprises a 1000m towline stowage winch and a geared winch, with a friction brake set at 2000kN holding power, for paying out the towline. With both rudder-propellers and the pump jet in operation, the bollard pull exceeds 1100kN. Length, oa: 78.61m, Breadth, mld: 18.00m, Draught, max/operating: 5.90/5.00m, Displacement: approx. 3830 t, Tonnage, gross/dwt: 3450/2040t, Propulsion, main/bow pump jet 2 x 2900kW/2600kW, Speed: 15 knots, Bollard pull: 1100kN.