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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Open-top container vessel RIJNBORG


According to HSB International December 2006

Built by IHC Holland Dredgers BV Shipyard the RIJNBORG is the open top cellular container carrier with a capacity of 1700TEU. This type of vessel is characterized by the absence of hatch covers, allowing fast loading and unloading. Perhaps the most novel feature is the propulsion plant formed by a pair of new W.rtsil. medium speed diesel engine 6L46F. The new type engine features improved dual high pressure pump fuel injection and an integreted automation system resulting in better fuel economy and lower emissions.

The main engines are coupled to a twin input/single output reduction gearbox. This 42.5 ton heavy unit has its input shafts 3300mm apart and the output shaft in between. The gearbox also features a vertically offset power take of (PTO) for the shaft generator. The output of the gearbox goes to a controllable pitch propeller with diameter 5350mm. Each input shaft is fitted with a hyraulically operated multiple disk type clutch; one main engine can remain on standby, while the other is running near its optimum rate. This propulsion arrangement allows for economic and more ecologic running at an wide range of ship loadings.

Also located in the engine room are two diesel driven generator sets, each rated at aprox. 1288kVA. The shaft generator driven through a PTO is rated at aprox. 2500KVA. This high power demands stems mainly from the 200 reefer containers, each rated at 11kW.

On board there are three power systems. An AC three-phase 480V – 60Hz circuit provides for the heavy consumers, such as pumps, ventilators and the bow thruster. An AC 230V – 60Hz circuit supplies the lighting installation and other domestic costomers. Finally a 24V DC circuit supplies the alarm system, control systems and other applications.

Length, oa: 176.00m, Length, bp: 166.50m, Breadth, mld: 23.70m, Depth, mld: 11.00m, Draught: 7.70m, Deadweight: 16,450dwt, Container capacity: 1700TEU, Propulsion power: 15,000kW, Service speed: 19 knots.