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Oil spill response vessel ARKONA


With the Spill Response Vessel for the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing the German shipyard Peene-Werft GmbH delivered another highly- sophisticated ship. The multi-purpose vessel is ready for duties within the framework of the maritime emergency response in the North and Baltic Sea for fighting against oil- and chemical spills and for executing emergency towing operations in the Baltic Sea. Furthermore, the concept includes an engagement in icebreaking, handling seamarks and fulfilling tasks of the shipping police.

For the intended purpose the vessel is equipped with special winches, boats, cranes, skimmers, separation plants, cargo tanks and fire-fighting systems. Operation in anti-gas mode is possible by means of the installation of special diesel engines and the arrangement of a citadel.

The diesel-electric propulsion system comprising two Schottel Electric Propulsors of 1850kW each and a Schottel Pump-Jet of 1000kW provides the vessel with a speed of 13.1 kn, a bollard pull of 400 kN and the required good manoeuvring features. Modern radio, communication and nautical plants are fitted. Together with a horizontal log and five computer working stations interlinked via LAN, the set duties can be fulfilled in an optimal way.


Length o.a.: 69.20m, Length b.p.: 66.40m, Breadth mld:14.50m, Depth: 5.50m, Design draught (Buoy Layer): 3.80m, Max draught: 4.50m

Deadweight: 895t at max draught and 277t at design draught

Measurement: 2056 GT

Speed: 13.1 kn (at T design , 100% MCR)

Bollard Pull: 400kN

Icebreaking (at v=5 kn) up to 0.5m

Main Propulsion: diesel-electric, 2x 1850kW podded drives SEP2

Main Engines: 4x MTU 12 V 4000 M50A GSB, 1140kW at 1500 rpm, each

Auxiliary Engines: 1x of MTU S 60 6062 HK 51 KC, 298kW, 1500 rpm

Bow Thruster: 1x pump jet SPJ 220L, 1000kW

Complement: 16 crew, total number of berths 32 pcs.


Fuel oil 275m3.

Cargo tanks 408m3.

Slop tank 35m3.

Fresh water 30m3.

Ballast water 276m3.

Fire-fighting foam 19m3.


2 pcs. of skimmers with high pressure hot water cutting system, launching/towing devices for skimmer, 2 pcs. of separation plant, 320 m3/h oil-water mixture, emergency towing gear with winch, warping capstan, hydr. karm fork/towing pins unit, fire-fighting equip. with 2 monitors – 600 m3/h, water/foam monitor – 400 m3/h, portable monitor and jet-pipe, self-protection sprinkler system, gas warning and analysis units, gas filtration plant, Seamark handling equip. with crane 12.5t/22m, working winches and echo ranging set.

Oil spill response vessel ARKONA Oil spill response vessel ARKONA Oil spill response vessel ARKONA Oil spill response vessel ARKONA Oil spill response vessel ARKONA