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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Oil spill combatment vessel ARCA


According to HSB International June 1998

Built by Damen Shipyards, The Netherlands, the ARCA is multifunctional vessel with oil recovery as the main function, but she is also able of carrying out hydrographic survey and research work. The ARCA can process and transport up to 1000 m3 of recovered oil. The vessel is equipped with two 15m long retractable oil booms. With the sweeping arms the ARCA can embank an oil slick, sweep it together, pump it up, separate it and take it with her. Each sweeping arm is fitted with an inner pontoon accommodating the hydraulically adjustable pump skimmer housing and a movable dirt grating. The inner pontoon is, just like the outer pontoon, fitted with three fenders, bollards, a catwalk and a footrail. Below decks, inflatable booms of 2 x 200m are carried on a hydraulic reel system. The vessel also carriers various types of oil skimmers and a demulsifier and gas oil injection system. A small workboat is fitted on board for pulling the inflatable booms. A helium balloon with camera is utilised to determine the extent of the oil spill slick with a bird’ s eye view.

Length, oa: 83.00m, Beam: 12.80m, Depth: 7.00m, Design draught: 4.50m, Draught maximum: 5.50m, Deadweight max: 2000dwt, Propulsion power: 2 x 1230kW.