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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Oil recovery system of HAVEN HORNBILL


According to Significant Small Ships of 2002

Halmatic Ltd delivered a multi-role oil spill recovery vessel HAVEN HORNBILL for Harwich Haven Authority in July 2002. Oil spill recovery equipment comprises a complete LORI oil recovery system with four brushes to port and starboard. Oil recovery channels are incorporated in both sides of the vessel outboard midships – compartments are 4.8m long and 1.2m wide – casings are built on the main deck with top-opening hatches for maintenance and removal of equipment.

For separating oil and debris the recovery channels are fitted with standard LORI brush packs, each with four brush chains mounted in aluminium alloy frames, approximately 3.5m long. The brush is cleaned by a comb installed at the upper end. It discharges oil and debris into a collection hopper.

The recovered oil is dropped from the brushes into the collecting sump from where it is transferred to recovery tanks via two Desmi model DOP-250 heavy duty submersible, hydraulically-powered pumps, complete with cutting knives for debris.

An oil-skimming boom can be rigged on both sides of the vessel and the height of the boom is tapered outwards with adequate height close to the vessel, compensating for roll and pitch. The inner end is attached to the aft door and the forward end is supported by the outboard end of the side jib.