Multi-purpose/forest product carrier SUOMIGRACHT

According to Significant Ships of 2004

Transportation of forest products, such as paper, pulp and sawn timber is a core activity of the Dutch owner Spliethoff which manages more than 55 multi-purpose tweendeck cargo vessels.

A Wärtsilä 6L64 main engine, developing 12,060kW at 333rpm drives a CP propeller at 105 rpm through a Renk gearbox for a service speed of 19.30 knots (design draught, 85%MCR).

SUOMIGRACHT, the first of the Spliethoff newbuildings from the Polish shipyard Stocznia Szczecińska Nowa, was delivered in November 2004. The vessel is the larger, modified version of earlier vessels built at Szczecin. She features only two box-shaped holds. The upper deck hatch covers are a combination of hydraulically-operated folding and rolling panels, with the second deck closed by pontoons handled by the ship cranes, and capable of being positioned to form a tweendeck at three levels, or located vertically as grain bulkheads or cargo divisions.

Although forest product export from Finland provides ship main employment, transporting a wide range of backhaul cargoes are essential to her economic running. Consequently, three side-mounted 120, 90, 55 tonne SWL hydraulic deck cranes are fitted, unusually positioned two on port side and one starboard, with tandem lifts up to 240 tonnes possible for project cargoes. Container capacity is 1283TEU (555 in holds and 728 on deck, where 120 reefer plugs are provided), and the ship can accommodate 1022 stability TEU homogeneously loaded to 14tonnes.

The innovative TTS side-loading system installed in the earlier series has again been adopted to facilitate handling of forest products, and comprises five hydraulically-operated 4m x 2m loading platforms, each lifting 16tonnes. The shell door of the sideport structure is raised and pivoted outwards when the loaders are in use, forming a rain shelter, which allows for all-weather operation. The system is capable of making transfers between the quayside and the lower and intermediate tweendeck levels at an hourly rate of 500tonnes. Movement into the Hold No1 is through watertight doors in the transverse bulkhead.

The vessel features a hull form incorporating an asymmetric stern configuration aimed at improving wake field. The Wärtsilä 6L64 main engine, developing 12,060kW at 333 rev/min, drives a CP propeller at 105 rev/min, through a Renk gearbox. The ship is fitted with 1000kW main-engine-driven alternator Taiyo/FEK 45DL-4.

Length, oa: 185.40m, Length, bp: 173.50m, Breadth, mld: 25.30m, Depth, mld: 14.60m, Draught design/maximum: 10.00/10.60m, Deadweight design/maximum: 21,350/23,750dwt, Gross tonnage: 18,100, Propulsion power (MCR): 12,060kW, Service speed at 85% MCR: 19.30 knots.

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