Multi-purpose carrier NEPTUN TRADER

According to HANSA 12/2010, photos J. Babicz

The NEPTUN TRADER is one of 10 NEPTUN 30-type dry cargo vessels designed by Neptun Stahl (Germany) and built by Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co.Ltd (China). The vessel is tailormade for the transport of spacious project cargo, numerous general cargoes in palletized or bundled condition, steel coils, paper reels, ordinary bulk cargoes like grain, iron ore. All protruding wells seams are grind to ensure smooth wall surfaces. All pockets and lashing eyes in walls and on double bottom are flush mounted.

Cargo holds Nos. 2-4 (30.4x24.4m) can be equipped with tweendeck sets. Since the span of 24.4m and the demand for loads of 4 t/m2 would require ultra heavy panels, the Owner, Neptune Stahl and MacGREGOR decided to divide the panels at centre line and support them by identical movable foundation racks.

The hydraulically folded hatch covers are some of the heaviest which MacGREGOR has ever applied, since each of the seven bigger folding pairs weights appr. 140t. Two independent power packs are installed, supplied by two pumps each, serving up to 2 folding hatch cover pairs. The hatch covers have a breadth of 26.6m and form a 120m long continuous stowage plane, just interrupted by the crane columns and ventilation towers.

Length, oa: 179.54m, Length, bp: 169.0m, Breadth, mld: 28.00m, Depth, mld: 15.10m, Draught design/maximum: 10.0/10.8m, Deadweight design/maximum without tweendeck panels: 29,618/33,217dwt, Hold capacity: 39,927m3/37,490m3 (TD), Main engine: MAN 6S50MC-C7 derated to 8800kW, Service speed: 15.5 knots, Aux. engines 2x6L16/24 – 510kW + 5L16/24 – 425kW, Complement: 30 persons.

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