Mooring winches drives

The power source for the winch systems can be low-pressure hydraulic, high-pressure hydraulic, frequency-converter drive or pole-change electric drive.

Frequency converter drive  – The latest and the most advanced electric drive technology. The stepless control allows the use of very low speed for clutch control. The drive system also offers good stalling performance, smooth and low noise operation.

High-pressure drive  – The high-pressure (200 to 280 bar) drive is easy to install, operate and maintain. One pump can simultaneously supply a number of winches and other hydraulically-driven devices. The system consists of the hydraulic power pack and the winch with a hydraulic motor and the control valve mounted on the winch.

Low-pressure drive  – The low-pressure drive gives dynamic braking, low noise level and is easy to operate. Further advantages are stepless speed regulation and high-torque. Because it has few mechanical parts, the low-pressure drive is less exposed to wear, lowering maintenance costs in this way.

Three speed pole-change drive – The nearly maintenance-free electric motor is equipped with standstill heating, temperature sensors and fail-safe brake. The winch control is precise and easy. Speed steps in both directions are obtained by a single lever. Electric systems are easy to install and provide quick start in all environmental conditions.

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