Securing a ship at a pier or elsewhere by several lines or cables to limit her movement. Also, connecting a floating structure such as a drillship, a semi-submersible platform, a pipelaying barge, etc, to fixed points generally on the seabed and limiting its movements.

Multi-Buoy Moorings (MBM), conventional buoy moorings – A facility whereby a tanker is usually moored by a combination of the ship anchors forward and mooring buoys aft and held on a fixed heading. Also called conventional buoy moorings.

Single Point Mooring (SPM) – A facility whereby the tanker is secured by the bow to a single buoy or structure and is free to swing with the prevailing wind and current. Three types of single point mooring systems are commonly used: Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring,Single Anchor Leg Mooring and Turret Mooring.

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