Model testing tanks

Towing tanks, manoeuvring and seakeeping basins used to carry out experiments with models. See also MARIN.

Manoeuvring basin of UK Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA)

A 120m x 60m x 5.5m concrete manoeuvring basin is used to test autonomous models without need of umbilical. It has wavemaking and rotating arm systems and the latter has a maximum test radius of 27.5m and a maximum speed equivalent of 60 km/h. The wavemaker is a 60m long wedge type in five sections and is capable of creating wave lengths of 1 to 12m.

Model towing tank of UK Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA)

A 270m long, 12m wide and 5.5m deep wave creating a towing tank with deep and shallow docks. A planner motion mechanism can be utilised to measure the forces on a model travelling in a straight line or without superimposed yaw or pitch angles. The carriage can achieve a maximum speed of 12m/s and the wavemaker is the wet back, flat type, so capable of producing regular, random and/or rough sea breaking waves.

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