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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology



According to The Motor Ship April 2000

The double-hulled methanol carrier MILLENNIUM EXPLORER has twice the capacity of any other vessel of its type. Total cargo capacity is around 120,000m3. Methanol is transported in 12 cargo tanks. All of them have been coated with an environmentally-friendly, inorganic zinc silixcate paint system. All tanks are fitted with two pressure-vacuum valves to comply with regulations requiring a secondary means of releasing pressure build-up in emergency situations.

Cargo handling operations revolve around two steam-driven cargo pumps. Each pump can operate at a capacity of 2500 m3/h. Three 500mm-diameter cargo lines have been installed onboard, to allow for cargo segregation should this be required.

One of the most significant features of MILLENNIUM EXPLORER is the installation of the world largest ship-based membrane type nitrogen generator system. The nitrogen is used to protect the methanol cargo during the sea voyage as well as during cargo discharge operations. Other notable items of equipment include a 3000 m3/h motor-driven ballast water pump and a powerful cargo stripping/tank washing system. Considerable attention has been paid to ensure that the stripping system onboard is extremely effective, thus minimising the residue left behind to no more than 30 litres per tank.

The main engine Wärtsilä 7RTA58T has a maximum output of 14,004kW at 103 rev/min. It provides a service speed of about 15.4 knots at 15% sea margin, at the draught of 14.297m. The engine drives a 7.4m-diameter FP propeller. This features a propeller boss cap fin designed to reduce fuel consumption up to 5%.

Length, oa: 240.99m, Length, bp: 232.00m, Breadth, mld: 42.00m, Depth, mld: 21.20m, Deadweight: 100,063dwt, Draught, design/scantling:12.19/14.27m, Cargo capacity: 120,000m3, Nitrogen generator: 6250 m3/h, Service speed:15.4 knots, Main engine output: 14,004kW at 103 rev/min, Complement: 30.