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Manoeuvrability of the ship, manoeuvring capability of ship

Manoeuvring characteristics such as turning, yaw-checking, course-keeping and stopping abilities of the ship. Scale model tests and/or computer predictions using mathematical models can be performed to predict the manoeuvrability of the ships at the design stage. Full-scale manoeuvring tests should be conducted to validate these results.

Manoeuvring performance has traditionally received little attention during the design stages of a commercial ship. Consequently, some ships have been built with very poor manoeuvring qualities that have resulted in marine casualties. “Standards for Ship Manoeuvrability” were adopted by resolution MSC.137(76) in December 2002 to ensure that ships are designed to a uniform standard.

Further reading: ABS Guide for “Vessel Maneuverability” (2006), can be downloaded from www.eagle.org

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