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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Loading conditions of bulk carrier


- Alternate hold loading condition – Heavy cargo, such as iron ore, is often carried in alternate cargo holds on bulk carriers. It is common for large bulk carriers to stow highdensity cargo in odd numbered holds with remaining holds empty.

- Block hold loading condition – A block hold loading condition refers to the stowage of cargo in a block of two or more adjoining cargo holds with the cargo holds adjacent to the block of loaded cargo holds empty.

- Homogeneous hold loading condition – A homogenous hold loading condition refers to the carriage of cargo evenly distributed in all holds. This arrangement is usually adopted for the carriage of light cargoes, such as coal or grain.

Further reading: IACS Rec.46 “Guidance and Information on Bulk Cargo Loading and Discharging to Reduce the Likehood of Over-stressing the Hull Structure”.