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According to Significant Ships of 2007

Built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, the BRITISH EMERALD is the LNG tanker with dual-fuel diesel-electric propulsion. At 155,000 cubic metres she is one of the largest LNG carriers to date.

BRITISH EMERALD has a flat, single-deck, with sunken mooring deck aft, and a double-skin hull containing four membrane-type tanks for carrying cargoes at –163°C, constructed according to GTT Mk III system. Tanks extends above the upper deck and are enclosed in a trunk which provides access passages fore and aft. Tank insulation is 270mm thick. A shore manifold is arranged PS&SB between tanks 2 and 3 and a compressor room is situated on the starboard side of the trunk. Cargo is loaded by shore pumps, with unloading handled by two 1800m3/h electric, submerged pumps in each tank.

The 39,900kW power plant is based on four dual-fuel Wärtsilä 50DF engines. Two 12-cylinder vee-type DF engines, rated at 11,400kW, and two with nine cylinders in line models, producing 8550kW apiece, drive four Converteam generators. The four-engine arrangement and distribution of machinery in two separate engine rooms confers a high degree of redundancy.

Electrical energy is fed to a pair of 14.8MW synchronous propulsion motors, connected via a Renk twin-input/single-output reduction gearbox to a five-bladed propeller. The configuration enables various operating modes to be matched in the most efficient way, catering to fully-ladden powering needs, in-habour loads, and in-ballast voyage, while the overall power concentration provides for a speed of 20knots.

The vessel will burn 40 tonnes per day (tpd) less fuel than a conventional LNGC of similar size which would burn about 180 tpd.

Other feature is the new technology of cold ironing facilities to allow the vessel to accept shore power whilst in port.

Length, oa: 280.00m, Length, bp: 275.00m, Breadth, mld: 44.20m, Depth to main deck: 26.00m, Draught design/scantling: 11.47/12.20m, Deadweight design/scantling: 76,600/84,300dwt, Service speed (15% sea margin): 20knots, Cargo capacity: 155,000m3, Main engines: 2xWärtsilä 12V50DF + 2xWärtsilä 9L50DF, Propulsion motors: 2 x Converteam 14,860kW.