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Liquefied CO2 carrier CORAL CARBONIC


According to HSB International December 1999

Built in 1999 by Frisian Shipyard Welgelegen, the Netherlands, the CORAL CARBONIC is the world first vessel designed for the carriage of liquefied CO2. The single pressurised cylindrical tank with an internal diameter of 6400 mm and length of 40,182 mm has a capacity of 1250m3. The tank, suitable for the maximum working pressure of 18 bar, rests on two tank saddles: one fixed support and one sliding support allowing the tank to expand or shrink due to thermal loads. It is thermally insulated by 150mm thick polyurethane foam. A dome containing the entrance, pipe connections and the cargo deepwell pump is positioned on the aft part of the tank. The cargo pump is a vertical deepwell pump with top-mounted 129kW electric motor. The pump has a maximum capacity of 250 m3/h at 120mwc pumphead. The cargo tank is fitted with stainless steel lines, viz. a gas line, a liquid loading/discharging line, and a safety relief system, and connections for measuring instruments and cargo sampling.

A gas/liquid manifold is fitted at port and starboard.

Length, oa: 79.4m, Length bp: 74.00m, Breadth, mld: 13.75m, Depth: 6.55m, Draught: 4.00m, Deadweight: 1600t, Minimum temperature: -40°C, Propulsion power: 1800kW, Service speed: 12.5 knots.

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