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Lightship mass


The mass of the ship in metric tons without cargo, fuel, lubricating oil, ballast water, fresh water and feed water in tanks, consumable stores, passengers and crew and their belongings. Lightship mass has big influence on ship price and efficiency. It is necessary to take all reasonable measures in order to decrease lightship weight. The hull structure should be designed with great care, and light, compact equipment installed.

To systematize calculations of lightship mass it is necessary to organize ship components into weight groups.

- Lightship mass of the container vessel 2700TEU equipped with four cranes

 LBP  = 196.00m, B = 32.26m, D = 19.00m, Design draught = 10.00m, LBD = 126 136m3, Hull coefficient 73.98  kg/m3, lightship mass coefficient 102.56 kg/m3

Lightship mass