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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology



The lighting of crew spaces should facilitate visual task performance and facilitate the movement of crew members in the space and aid in the creation of an appropriate visual environment. Lighting design involves integrating these aspects to provide adequate illumination for the safety and well-being of crew as well as for the various tasks performed on board vessels.

Note: Lighting criteria for different spaces can be found in ABS guide for “Crew Habitability on Ships” - can be downloaded from:

- General lighting – Lighting designed to provide a uniform level of illuminance throughout an area, excluding any provision for special, localized task requirements. Such lighting should be provided by fixed  luminaires.

- Task lighting – Lighting provided to meet the illuminance requirements of a specific task. It refers to the total illuminance requirement that may be obtained by supplementary lighting provided in addition to the general illuminance. Such lighting may be provided by fixed luminaries or via wall brackets, floor lamps or table lamps.