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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology



Wires, chains, ropes, or straps used to secure cargo on a ship. See also container lashing equipment.

- Trailer lashing system Autotrestle on “TOR SELANDIA” – The Autotrestle securing unit incorporates a recessed and built-in fifth wheel which couples directly to the trailer kingpin. The terminal tractor connects with the trestle and trailer combination on land and drives the whole unit aboard the vessel where the trestle bridge is positioned over the point of stow. Twistlocks at the base of the trestle legs, controlled from the dock tractor, are automatically clamped to flush sockets in the deck. The connection and heavily-reinforced socket are designed to absorb vertical, longitudinal and transverse forces that may be experienced in a seaway in the most adverse weather conditions, with additional security gained by the use of two web lashings applied to the rear of the trailer.