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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

International Code on Intact Stability, 2008 (2008 IS Code)


The revised and renamed Intact Stability Code (IS Code). The 2008 IS Code consists of two different parts: Part A which include the mandatory stability criteria; and Part B which provides guidance and recommendations. It is due to come into force for ships constructed on or after 1st July 2010.

This Code prescribes general intact stability criteria for different types of ships and special criteria for certain types of ships (passenger ships, oil tankers of 5000tdw and above, cargo ships carrying timber deck cargoes, cargo ships carrying grain in bulk and High Speed Crafts).

The 2008 IS Code also describes recommended design criteria for certain types of ships (fishing vessels, pontoons, container ships greater than 100m, offshore supply vessels, special purpose vessels and mobile offshore drilling units).

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