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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Integrated Full Electric Propulsion (IFEP)


The use of a common power system for both propulsion and ship services. Efficient operation is obtained by the use of the minimum number of prime movers which are necessary to meet the required load, all running near their optimum efficiency, selected from a relatively large number of smaller units. See also Wärtsilä LLC System.

Partial Integrated Electric Propulsion has been employed with considerable success in the Single Role Mine-Hunters for the British Royal Navy. The first of this class, HMS SANDOWN, entered service in 1989. Partial Integrated Electric Propulsion was also selected for the Type 23 in a CODAG configuration. The first of class, HMS NORFOLK, was commissioned in 1990. The first full IFEP ships for the Royal Navy are the Auxiliary Oiler (AO) and the Landing Platform Dock (Replacement) HMS ALBION.