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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

IMO Data Collection System “DCS”:


IMO Data Collection System “DCS” defines data that the IMO mandates shipowners collect and report each calendar year.  The IMO DCS entered into force in March 2018 as an amendment to MARPOL Annex VI.  The data to be reported for all ships 5,000 ross tonnage and above engaged in international trade.  The first data collection period is the calendar year 2019.  The data is to be checked in accordance with regulation by the relevant flag state or recognized organization “RO”.  A Statement of Compliance “SoC” must be issued by the relevant flag state or RO no later than 5 months from the beginning of the following calendar year.  Reported data is to be transferred to the IMO Ship Fuel Oil Database no later than a month following the relevant SoC.

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