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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

HI-FOG system


The water-mist fire-fighting system developed by Finnish company Marioff. The HI-FOG system is based on the removal of harmful smoke and gases produced by a fire, and uses specially-developed sprinkler and spray heads. Small volumes of water are sprayed at great speed in order to break through hot gases and reach the combustion source, where the system absorbs the energy of the fire and cools the surrounding hot air/gases.

High-pressure water mist can be used for both total flooding and local application in machinery spaces, as well as ducts and deep fat fryers. Contrary to CO2, the HI-FOG system is not harmful to people and can be activated immediately to extinguish a fire. Using only water with no chemical additives for a combination of cooling and oxygen depletion, HI-FOG does not harm the environment like the banned agent Halon and does not create the mess and following clean up operation of foam. The system can be returned to standby without the need to visit a port and the ship is back in operation in short time.