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Heavy lift carrier FAIRPLAYER


According to HBS International November 2008

The FAIRPLAYER was built by the Damen Shipyards Galati, Romania. The ship was completed entirely in Galati, except for the fitting of the cargo cranes.

Each of the two Huisman Itrec rotating mast cranes has a safe working load of 900 tons at 27.5m. The crane booms allow a maximum reach of 35m and are equipped with three additional hoists: a sling handling hoist (SWL10t), an auxiliary hoist (SWL37.5t) and a tugger hoist (SWL25t, 200m length). Both cranes are controlled by a small portable and wireless control panel, which allows control from anywhere on the vessel or even from the quayside. When the wireless signal from the control unit is interrupted, the crane automatically stops any activity and hold its position.

Three high-capacity ballast pumps with a capacity of 700 m3/h each can shift seawater to the relevant ballast or anti-heeling tanks in an electronically controlled process. The ballast lines are made of glassfiber reinforced plastics (GRP).

To achieve sufficient stability during twin-lifting, the vessel can place two stabilizing pontoons on either side of the hull. To maximize the leverage, the smaller pontoon can be attached on the outboard side of the larger pontoon. This pontoon is clamped onto the hull in special tracks which allow for placement at various heights. It is firmly connected with the hydraulic clamping connection.

The single cargo hold measures 102x17m in the lower part. A tweendeck can be placed at different heights between the tanktop and maindeck hatches. This can be even at different heights in different parts of the hold, to accommodate special cargoes. Usually the cargo to be shipped is so large that there is no space left on the quayside to store the hatch cover panels. Therefore, both the tweendeck and maindeck hatch cover panels are constructed as watertight pontoons and can float. This means that during cargo handling operations they can be simply placed in the water alongside the vessel until they are needed again.

The vessel is certified for sailing without hatch cover. In such case, the maximum draught allowed is reduced from 8.1m to 7.65m. Moreover, a drenching system has to be installed as the CO2 system for the open cargo hold becomes useless.

The ship has an asymmetric accommodation deckhouse and navigation bridge, which keeps one side of the ship completely clear from stern to bow and allows for loading of extremely long cargoes.

To optimize the flow into propellers, the shaftlines are not parallel but angled 5° inboard toward the aft. Controllable pitch propellers are from Wärtsilä, with a diameter of 4350mm. Each of the main engines also drives a shaft generator through a PTO on the gearbox. These shaft generators can generate up to 3750kVA each, which is used by the bow thrusters, the azimuth thruster and the cargo cranes.

The azimuth thruster is a retractable FPP 1700kW thruster from Wärtsilä, with a propeller diameter of 2.10m. It is located on the starboard side, just forward of the aft crane. Two FPP bow thrusters, each rated at 1500kW, were also supplied by Wärtsilä.

Length, oa: 145.04m, Breadth, mld: 26.50m, Depth, mld: 14.10m, Draught design/maximum: 6.50/8.10m, Deadweight design/maximum: 8196/13,000dwt, Hold capacity: 19,800m3, Propulsion power: 9000kW, Trial speed: 17.20 knots. 

Heavy lift carrier FAIRPLAYER