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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Hatchcoverless container ship NORASIA FRIBOURG


The ship is characterised by a moulded depth greater than normal proportions, which allows eight of the 11 tiers of containers to be stowed below the deck; a “whaleback” bow shelter, acting as a breakwater and wind break, and a superstructure positioned right aft. Nos 1 and 2 holds are closed by conventional pontoons for safety reasons and enable them to carry dangerous goods. The special feature is the fitting of lightweight rain shelters over open holds. The shelters are secured by twistlocks and are designed to cope with ingress of water from monsoon rains. Despite their use, the drainage and bilge systems can cope with tropical rainfalls with an intensity of 150 mm/m2/h. Water is collected in gutterways and led to the bilge wells. Two pumps with a capacity of about 280 m3/h each, are installed in the engine room and an emergency bilge pump of approximately 560 m3/h is fitted in the forebody. The gutterways are able to collect up to 40 m3 of water in one cargo hold. Furthermore, the bottom container sockets are about 30cm higher than on conventional container ships. With these measures, the risk of water seeping into containers is reduced to minimum.

Length, oa: 242.00m, Length, bp: 229.50m, Breadth, mld: 32.24m, Depth moulded to main deck: 23.00m, Draught design/scantling: 11.00/12.00m, Deadweight design/scantling: 35,380/41,570dwt, Service speed at 90% MCR, 15% sea margin, design draught: 22.50 knots, Main engine MCR: 27,290kW at 102rev/min.

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