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According to The Motor Ship October 1998

CLIPPER VIKING is an ice-strengthened gas tanker type 2G, designed to carry ethylene, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), ammonia, propylene oxide, propane, butane and other liquefied gases. The ship is equipped with three bi-lobe cargo tanks (independent tanks type C) with total capacity of 12,500m3.

The cargo handling plant comprises four Sulzer 2K 140-2H cargo compressors, two Sabroe SAB 202s refrigeration compressors, a pair of surge drums, two LPG economisers, a pair of ethylene condensers/refrigerant receivers, and two seawater-cooled refrigerant condensers. The ship twin cargo heaters comprise a seawater-heated device (15°C) capable of heating 100 t/h of propane from –42°C to 0°C, and a thermal oil-heated device capable of heating 60 t/h of propane from –42°C to 0°C.

The cargo handling plant is completed by six deepwell pumps, each of 200 m3/h, two booster pumps, each of 300 m3/h, and associated control and monitoring equipment, fire extinguish/safety equipment, and gas detection plant. Assuming that the tanks are filled to 98.5% and at maximum ambient temperature, the cargo handling plant is capable of cooling ethylene from –99°C to –103°C in 70 hours, and of cooling propylene from –3°C to –47°C in 300 hours. It also provides a loading rate (without vapour return) of 1,200 m3/h for ethylene (at –103.8°C), and 170 m3/h, 260 m3/h and 575 m3/h, for propylene at +20°C, +10°C, and 0°C, respectively.

Length, oa: 145.70m, Length, bp: 135.40m, Breadth, mld: 20.50m, Depth to main deck: 13.80m, Design draught: 9.70m, Deadweight at 9.70m: 13,500dwt, Trial speed: 17 knots, Total cargo tank volume: 12,500m3, Main engine output: 7 980kW at 148 rev/min.

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