Floating Production Vessel

The FPV consists of a large deck connected to submerged pontoons by widely-spaced surface-piercing columns. The pontoons provide buoyancy to support platform weight. The columns provide floating stability and structural strength, and the deck supports the drilling, production, accommodation and marine facilities.

- Mooring system  – To drill and produce, the FPV requires a robust and highly-reliable station keeping system which is generally a chain or wire/chain catenary-spread mooring system.

- Subsea System  – This system conducts well fluids (oil, gas and water) from the reservoir to the FPV. Fluids are separated and stabilised by the process facilities on the FPV and exported, generally by a separate riser system and subsea pipelines.

Further reading: ABS Guide for “Floating Production Installations”, can be downloaded from www.eagle.org

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