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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Fishing methods


There are three main ways of catching fish:

- by towing trawls or dredges,

- by surrounding fish by nets,

- by static means.

Accordingly different types of fishing equipment are used:

- towed or dragged gear: bottom trawling, mid-water trawling, dredging, seine netting,

- encircling gear: purse seining, encircling gill nets,

- static gear: set gill nets, drift gill nets, long lines, lift nets, pots and fish traps.

Bottom fishing (demersal) is carried out by towing a large, conical net (trawl) near the sea bottom. Three typical net configurations are used: side trawling, beam trawling and stern trawling. The following methods are used for surface fishing (pelagic); purse seining, pair seining, gill netting, long lining, hand lining, rod lining and midwater trawling.