Fire-fighting equipment of the passenger/freight ferry ISLE OF INISHMORE

The ship is provided with an addressable fire detection system. Apart from a detail display function on the main unit, the fire is also displayed in mimic format on the SMCS. The status information (open/close) of the fire doors and ventilation fire flaps is integrated in this system. A hard wired repeater panel is provided in the ECR and both harbour control stations. More than 700 detection units are provided.

The vehicle decks are equipped with heat detection cable instead of smoke or heat detection heads. A water sprinkler system is provided for the accommodation area, public spaces, staircases and some stores, ECR and workshop. Except of the ECR, all areas have an automatic release system.

The CO2 extinguishing system protects the machinery spaces, the emergency alternator room and the galley ventilation uptakes. The drencher system protects the car deck spaces. The drencher system is divided in a number of sections, each controlled by a quick-opening manually-operated valve. Complementing fire-fighting equipment includes hoses and hose boxes, portable fire extinguishers, fire-fighting outfits, and three fixed shore connections for connecting fire main to shore.

According to HSB International, February 1997

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