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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Fire Control Plan


A plan providing crucial information for rapid and efficient action of the vessel’s crew during a fire. A Fire Control Plan must show the following details:

- Control stations

- Various fire sections enclosed by “A” class divisions

- Sections enclosed by “B” class divisions

- Particulars of the fire detection and alarm systems

- Particulars of splinker installation

- Particulars of the fire-extinguishing appliances

- Means of access to different compartments, decks, etc.

- Ventilating system including particulars of the fan control positions, the position of dampers and identification numbers of the ventilating fans serving each section.

IMO resolution A.654(16) provides a standardized set of symbols to be used. A copy of the Fire Control Plan is to be permanently stored in a prominently marked weathertight enclosure outside the deckhouse for the assistance of shore-side fire-fighting personel.

Further reading: ABS Guidance Notes on Fire-Fighting Systems,

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